Psyched Assessment

School-based learning and behavior assessments

Is your child struggling with their learning and classroom performance? Are they getting into trouble with teachers or their peers? Are they always on the go?

At Restored Wellness we are able to complete in-depth psychoeducational assessments designed to help identify potential learning or behavioral issues, which can affect how children and adolescents perform in their school environment. This could include diagnosis of learning disabilities, ADHD, and other related mental health concerns.

We use a comprehensive battery of gold standard measures to assess how each child processes different types of information, their academic skills, learning, memory, attention and focus, as well as their abilities to complete complex, multi-step tasks. Results from each assessment are presented in a formalized report, which can provide parents, school staff, and other health professionals with clear strategies and recommendations to help children perform to the best of their abilities. Please contact our staff for more information.