Child or Family Counselling

Children typically attend counselling for treatment of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, emotional regulation, stress, social and relationship skills, communication, self-esteem, separation/divorce concerns, and more. We do not currently have registered play therapists at the office. However, we regularly use play-based and other creative strategies to help children with self-expression and to learn and implement new skills and strategies.

Typically, we work with children ages 7 and up. Please prepare your child ahead of the appointment and discuss counselling with them. For concerns regarding young children, our Circle of Security Parenting Group or parenting sessions with our psychologist Anneta may be very beneficial.

At the first appointment we will complete necessary paperwork, discuss your concerns, and go over the same with your child. It is important that children feel comfortable with the counselling process and have interest in attending sessions. We will likely have some one-on-one time with your child within the first appointment to develop rapport and build trust, and to begin working on their concerns. We will debrief with you (usually with your child present) and encourage him/her to show off their new strategies and discuss goals for next session.

Depending on the age, presenting concerns, and strategies we are working on, we may ask your permission to share information with your child’s teacher to bridge strategies into the classroom where appropriate.