Counselling / Therapy

Counselling is an interactive, collaborative process that takes place in a safe and judgement-free environment. We work together with you during sessions to learn what you hope to gain from counselling. We encourage and value your feedback about how your sessions are progressing, and we tailor techniques to meet your specific needs. During counselling, you engage in effective problem solving and move toward realistic, measurable, and attainable goals. Contact us to start the conversation today.

  • Individual / Personal Counselling – Individual / Personal Counselling can be customized for any person who hopes to make meaningful change in any area of their life. Counselling is available for children, teens, and adults who wish to address such issues as: anxiety, panic, fear, worry, behavior concerns, stress, depression, emotions, sadness, productivity at work, relationships, intimacy, body-image, communication, assertiveness training, setting boundaries, trauma, grief, loss, self-esteem, self-worth, trust, and more.
  • Play-based Therapy – Play-Based Therapy can be helpful for children to learn to express their experiences and feelings. By using their natural language of play, children can learn to better regulate their emotions, resolve trauma, engage socially, communicate more effectively, and build safe relationships.
  • Family Counselling – Family Counselling takes place with any combination of family members for a variety of issues. Themes may include communication styles, patterns of interaction, sibling–parent relationships, blended family concerns, and more.
  • Couples/Marriage Counselling – Couples/Marriage Counselling may be helpful if you require a neutral third party to help you navigate a variety of topics, such as communication, intimacy, fidelity, pre- or post-marriage issues, parenting, and other components of your relationship. Couples Counselling can also be beneficial before or during other events such as bringing baby home, career changes, learning how to cope with and support your partner during their personal issues, and more.
  • Parent-Child Relationships – Parent-Child Relationships can have an enormous impact on a family’s functioning. Long-standing patterns of behavior, expectations, and consequences, can have lasting impact, but this can be changed in a positive way, toward healthier relationships for your family.
  • Separation/Divorce Services for Children and Parents – in addition to Mediation Services, we also offer counselling for families who have been impacted by separation/divorce.  Themes may include: healthy relationships, helping children to be heard, setting new family boundaries, re-defining roles, and coping with blended and step-families.