Counselling / Therapy

Counselling for individuals, couples, and families takes place in a safe and judgement-free environment for most issues or concerns. We work together with you to help create meaningful, lasting change in your life.

Divorce Mediation Services

Mediation during Separation/Divorce can be a lower-stress and more cost-effective alternative to some litigation processes. Ex-spouses come together with a neutral third-party to negotiate parenting and other details regarding their separation before lawyers are involved.

Circle of Security

The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.

Psyched Assessment

We are able to complete in-depth psycho-educational (psyched) assessments designed to help identify potential learning, ADHD, or behavioral issues.


Personal issues and/or behaviors that come out at school have a lasting impact on learning, performance, and social engagement. Collaboration with teachers and admin can help school become a more positive place.


Consultation is available for clients who need help speaking to other professionals or decision-makers regarding how mental health, behavior, or a diagnosis may be impacting yours or your child’s ability to perform in a variety of settings.

Our Story

Restored Wellness Inc. was created locally to provide close, accessible care for Airdrie and area residents who are ready to begin their path to positive, lasting change. We have gathered experience from our own professional growth and personal journeys, and have directed that energy to reach out and introduce a fresh new blend of psychology services to our community members.

I have special experience working among complex community, not-for-profit, and publicly funded partnerships while striving to reach many different shareholder goals. However, my deepest passion in this line of work is rooted in helping you first, which is why I have made the decision to branch out into private practice. I feel honored that you may reach out to me so that I may begin to provide care for you and those you care most about.

Start Your Journey

Take the first step towards your restored wellness using the contact button below, or by calling our main phone line at 587-581-9331.