Divorce Mediation Services


Katherine is available to work as a mediator for couples during any stage of their separation/divorce.

Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding form of Alternate Dispute Resolution where clients meet with a neutral facilitator who helps them to resolve conflict, clarify and prioritize issues, and come up with win-win solutions pertaining to various aspects of their separation/divorce.

For those couples who are able to work through issues together, mediation can be a positive and beneficial experience, as it is a lower-cost, and much quicker way to resolve issues, when compared to litigation.

Perhaps most importantly, mediation also helps to preserve the parenting relationship post-divorce, which provides lasting positive effects and protective factors for children of separating/divorcing families.

First appointments are booked for two to three hours, with the beginning portion (about 45 minutes) consisting of pre-mediation where I meet with each person individually to discuss consent, screening questionnaire(s), and the Agreement to Mediate. The remainder of the appointment is typically spent together, during which time we will create the guidelines for the mediation process (including how conflict may be resolved), begin building the agenda of items you wish to discuss, prioritize these, and then go from there to begin addressing positions, interests, and generating win-win solutions to issues.

As solutions are generated, I can keep track of these for you in a Mediation Report, if you like. When mediation is complete, you may elect to use the Mediation Report as a guidepost for formalizing your agreement(s) with your respective legal counsel.

Several areas pertaining to separation/divorce may be brought to mediation, including:

  • Child support
  • Parenting plans, Communication plans, Children’s needs
  • Financial aspects of separation/divorce, including division of property, assets, debts
  • Spousal support

Transparent, respectful communication and full disclosure are necessary components for successful mediation. Contact Us today to request an appointment, or to find out more information.