Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding form of Alternate Dispute Resolution where clients meet with a neutral facilitator (the mediator) who helps them to resolve conflict, clarify and prioritize issues, and come up with win-win solutions pertaining to various aspects of their separation/divorce.

For those couples who are able to work through issues together, mediation can be a timely and cost-effective alternative to litigation and other adversarial processes. Mediation can also help to preserve the parenting relationship post-divorce, which provides lasting positive effects and protective factors for children.

Topics typically addressed in mediation include:

  • Parenting plans
  • Child support
  • Division of property, assets, and debts
  • Spousal support

Pre-mediation screening takes place in individual 1-hour appointments. During this appointment, we will review consent, screening for risk factors and presenting issues, and will assess suitability for mediation. Once we have met with both clients and have assessed that mediation is suitable, we will accept the appointment as your mediator, and schedule the first joint session. At that time we will sign the Agreement to Mediate and begin addressing the issues. Joint mediation sessions are booked for 2-hours. Typically, most issues are resolved within 1-3 appointments.

Mediation is provided by Katherine Mooney, MA, R. Psych, RFM, Q. Arb, (RFM is Registerd Family Mediator, and Katherine specialized in separation and divorce. Q. Arb is Qualified Arbitrator) and Anneta Manful, MA, R. Psych, PM (Practicing Mediator), EMDR Therapist and Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator.